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Navigating the Terms of Use for theyellowtimes.com

Before you dive into yellowtimes.com, note that there is a disclaimer and a user agreement. You should understand the terms and conditions to know what’s involved. 

Ownership and Usage Restrictions:

By raising awareness and promoting prevention, we can empower people and communities. We will do this by fostering healthy behaviors. They will then be better able to face future challenges.

Our website contains pictures, videos, and News information. These are under international rights laws. Users are not authorized to make changes. Unauthorized copies, reproductions, and distributions are not allowed.

 Financial Advice Disclaimer:

But, the site may only include investment tips from experts. So, research each financial decision . Don’t take the tips as law. They are not to be followed. Web18 says it has no financial guilt. It is not responsible for how users act when sharing the webpage.

3. Amendments and Acceptance:

An old adage goes: change is inevitable. Thus, users must watch for any new terms. They cover how to use the platform. Accepting these modifications, continued use of the website becomes constant.

Registration and Access:

At registration, people will have to submit credible information . A visitor cannot access the website if they have not logged in for the past 90 days. They canceled their registration for automation. The site retains the right to deny access to users for unauthorized use and the breach of desire term.

Limited License:

The user gets a perfected license. It is non-exclusive. They can use it to enter the site for the provided service. But the User Agreement conditions this.

They have copyrighted all content at theyellowtimes.com. Permission is required to use it elsewhere. Content cannot be shared or changed without the written consent of the owners.

Service Interruptions:

During repairs or replacements, humans, machines, and nature may interrupt the website.

Liability Disclaimer:

Users are fully aware that they are assured of their own security while using our website. Theprogramstudy.com and its services are not liable. They are not liable for any damages from internet access.

Communication Forums Guidelines:

Users must follow regulations when posting in the message boards and chat rooms. They should avoid defamatory and unlawful materials.

 Equipment Responsibility:

The users must take care of the necessary devices to navigate the web page.

The site links contain websites from other sources. Yellowtimes.com has no control over these sources. Also there is no manual control over these sites by the customers.


Yellowtimes.com and its associated entities abide by the agreement of the users. They agree to verify them. They also agree to protect them from claims or damages from the website.

 Termination and Jurisdiction:

The User Agreement is in force and valid. It stays in force until a party ends it. Courts in New Delhi, India, govern the resolutions of disputes.