Term and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of theyellowtimes Website

Users need to know the terms before using our Website, theyollowtimes.com . 

Our Website, theyollowtimes.com. has a wide array of content, information, blogs, and other things to offer. Let’s look at the key parts of our terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Terms

When you go to theyollowtimes.com, you must follow the agreed terms. The policy applies to the website, its servers, and its services. It intends to keep the facts we collect from users private. It is good to give an overview. Do this before you meet with our platform.

Content Ownership

Our Website has the right to use the substances. We make up the yellowtimes internet site. These substances include the text, pics, videos, and software. Property rights without delay vest with customers except in a specific case. Copying or sharing this content, or parts of it, for business or public use is prohibited. You must first get Permission or agreement.

Partnering with Certified External Vendors

This is because the website can have items from different stores or links to them. The products, services, or websites in the yellow pages contain unauthorized content and ideas. We do not control them. Consumers should always be cautious. They must watch the person’s agreement carefully. This is when buying content outside the brand’s official websites.

Member Conduct

Members identify with the website’s terms of use. The terms imply that using snap shots and being in dialogue is appropriate. Illegalities involve posting unlawful or hateful content. They also involve using unapproved IP addresses. This is for cryptocurrency mining and other profit-related transactions. Securing your accounts is the customers’ main job. They should use a strong password.

Privacy Policy

This website gets the consent of users who publish facts to it. They give consent by agreeing to the site’s privacy policy. This policy is for using personal records. It adds to the terms and situations.

Disclaimer and Liability

Our  disclaimer covers the website’s liability. This includes interruptions, mistakes, and third-party content. The website is available to visitors as they choose. The company limits liability as allowed by law.

No Recommendation to Invest

We should warn users about interpretations. The data from the website must not be used. This includes investment in securities. Investors must test without bias. They should get professional advice before investing.

Access Restriction

The Yellow Times may also, at times, restrict access to the full website. They do so at your own discretion. The non-compliance with terms and situations can also cause the restriction. One of these is removing Discussions that could introduce new relevant questions.

Online Competitions

Contestants in the theyellowtimes opposition must follow rules. The site assigns the rules. The decision not to install the plan can also lead to disqualification.

Stay Connected :  

So, users should read the terms-and-conditions page. They should check that they’re not breaking the yellowtimes site rules. You can contact us or do comments for any queries on contact@ theyollowtimes@gmail.com. So, enjoy your time on the site