True Relationship Is Two Imperfect People Refusi -Tymoff

True Relationship Is Two Imperfect People Refusi -Tymoff

A human’s life is dependent on the relationship he or she makes. Their relationship has a huge impact on their life. Relationships are a deep topic on which everyone has their thoughts and points of view. If you ask anyone, “What is a perfect relationship?” Everyone will give you a different answer. Human beings are imperfect; therefore, you cannot ask for an ideal relationship. 

 What Is A Perfect Relationship?

What according to you is a perfect relationship? You might have an answer to this question but let me tell you something, there is no perfect relationship. The relationship is all about two imperfect humans forgiving each other’s mistakes as per “A True Relationship Is Two Imperfect People Refusi -Tymoff ”. A true relationship is when you and your partner work through each other’s flows. This is the definition of a true relationship, the imperfection and the ability to not give up on each other.

What Is Imperfection?

Imperfection means having flaws. Making mistakes is also a part of imperfection. In a relationship, imperfection means that both partners have different opinions. But if you want your relationship to work you work through each other’s flaws and try to love each other with your flaws. This is a true relationship. 

Understanding Your Weaknesses

We all know that we have weaknesses and flaws but we all don’t want to accept our weaknesses. Yes, it is a very hard thing to do but you can’t accept your partner’s flaws or weaknesses. And if you want your relationship to work you need to learn how you can accept someone’s flaws. And it needs to begin with yourself because self-actualization or self-realization can help you learn a lot. It helps us to be more calm and patient with other people’s weaknesses and flaws.

Perfect Relationships In Movies

Movies have created clear pictures in people’s minds of what a true and perfect relationship looks like. This has led people into a trap. It is called a trap because a relationship is nothing like that shown in movies and TV shows. It is far different from them. And when you think about relationships shown in movies you are left with nothing but disappointment. If you find true love like you see in movies you have created unattainable standards in your mind.

Making An Imperfect Relation Work

There are many tips to help you make your relationship work. But here are two main points that you should always keep in mind:

Always Have Trust In Each Other

Sometimes saying the truth can be really hard, but to make a relationship work you need to be open and truthful with your partner and she needs to be open and truthful with you. This can help create a bond of trust between people in a relationship.

Listening And Understanding

Talking can help build a relationship. If you talk with your partner you can know about what’s on their mind. Being a good speaker is necessary but in a relationship being a good listener is important. If you are not a good listener then your partner will not be able to tell you what’s on their mind. 

Power Of Commitment

Commitment is a really important part of being in a relationship. It can help create a bond between partners. Commitment means to be there for your partner in every situation of their life. Through every ups and downs, you stay with your partner. Commitment helps us to work through all the obstacles in our lives with ease and confidence as we have our partner by our side. 

Always Be A Loving Partner

You can never love someone by force. Love is a very important choice that is made by us. We choose who we love and whom we don’t love. If you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner then you need to be patient, supportive, and kind. You need to show small acts of love every day to your partner. These acts can be like- complimenting them, leaving them a gift, doing something that makes them happy etc. These acts can help you to show your partner that you love them and know what their likes and dislikes are. 

Supporting And Growing Together

Growth is an essential part of a relationship. It can be growth as an individual or growth as a couple. This growth helps in keeping a relationship stable. You should always support your partner in their individual growth and should not feel jealous if they are having more growth than you. For example- if your partner is getting a promotion at their job but it affects you then you should adjust in such a situation and support your partner in getting their promotion and growing in life as an individual. 

Handle A Conflict As An Adult

Everyone at least once faces conflict in his or her relationship. It can be a small disagreement or a big fight. But what’s important is the way you handle it. Handling the conflict as an adult is a really important part of a relationship. Handling like an adult means dealing with that situation healthily. Conflicts can also help in getting growth in a relationship. Conflicts can help in identifying the problems one faces in a relationship. 

Forgiving Is The Key

Forgiveness is a really important part of a relationship. If you hold onto any of your fights or grudges then your relationship can’t grow. If you want your relationship to grow you and your partner need to learn how to forgive each other’s mistakes. Forgiveness is also a part of handling a conflict like an adult. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting anything, it means calming down and letting the conflict or the problem settle. 


In the end, it can be said that there is nothing like a perfect relationship that is shown to us in movies or television shows. It just creates a false image in our mind about what a relationship should be like. If you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner, both you and your partner need to be understanding, caring, and forgiving. If you follow all the things written above you could be able to maintain your relationship and keep it healthy.  Thus it is true that “A True Relationship Is Two Imperfect People Refusi -Tymoff”.


1. What is a relationship about?

The relationship is about two imperfect people who can handle each other’s flaws and weaknesses and work through challenges together.

2. Is forgiveness important in a relationship? 

Yes, forgiveness is a really important part of a relationship. Because it helps partners to move past conflicts that they face in a relationship.

3. How can you show that you care for your partner?

You can show your partner that you love them by doing things like- giving them a gift, doing something that they like, or making them feel happy.

4. Is trust an important part of a relationship?

Yes, trust is a really important part of being in a healthy relationship.

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