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Gabriela Moura


Gabriela Moura is a Twitch streamer, model, TikTok star, and social media influencer originating from Brazil who has risen to fame with the help of her interesting content. A TikTok star recognized for her lifestyle, lip-sync, and dance videos, she has more than 9+ million followers. In this article, we will move further into Gabriela Biography and her stunning story and many more. 

Gabriela Moura Biography

Full NameGabriela Moura
Date of Birth18th June 2004
Place of BirthRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionTikTok content creator
Content TypeLifestyle, lip-syncing, belly dancing
Height170 cm
Weight59 kg
Physical FeaturesSlim and toned figure, black/brown eyes, black/brown hair
Notable CharacteristicsConfidence and class in any dress

She was born on 18th June 2004 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and that makes her a Geminian. She has Brazilian nationality and practices the Christian religion. Gabriela gained fame through featuring creative TikTok content related to lifestyle, lip-synchronizing, and belly dancing content. 

Physical Appearance 

The beautiful body and attractive figure are the main characteristics of the actress Gabriela Moura. Measuring 170 cm in height, and having a BMI of around 59 kg, she portrays confidence and class in any dress she wears. The combination of black/brown eyes and hair color enhances the beauty of the lady. A glimpse of the physical appearance of Gabriela can be seen as proof of how committed she was to her fitness pampering her slim and toned figure. 

Early Life & Family Background

Gabriela Moura of Rio de Janeiro grew up in a Christian family as the daughter of Marieta and Antonio. Although she is scarce on her personal and social processes, it is common knowledge that her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Moura. There is no more information about Gabriela’s siblings or any other family members, which can be attributed to her rather private life. Due to the early influence of social media platforms, she could express her creative bent of mind. Even in her teenage, Gabriela began creating quite some controversies on TikTok, thus attracting the attention of many individuals. 

Gabriela Moura Biography


Regarding the education of Gabriela, it can be reported that she studied at a high school in Rio de Janeiro. She is now doing her graduation from a college in Brazil but remains the unchallenged queen of Indian Brazilians. Gabriela is a social media influencer and she understands the need to get an education thus making sure that she goes to school while also working. 

Professional Career 

The young woman named Gabriela did not initially work as a model, having started her career on TikTok and became popular with her interesting videos. Specifically, she shares lifestyles, lip-sync videos and crazy belly dance videos; therefore, she attracts many people’s attention. Another activity that she was also involved in was modeling and she began modeling for different brands and featured them on her Instagram account. Aloha Influencer Advertising Agency which she worked for also helped advance her career by securing her various brand promotions. 

Gabriela Moura’s Boyfriend 

As of now, Gabriela is unmarried and has no information about her boyfriend and affairs in the media. She does not mix her business with her family life and has dedicated her time to her career as well as her interaction with her followers. 

Married Life 

Gabriela Moura does not discuss her marital status nor is she married so she has no intentions of changing this. She continues with her life as a social media personality and a model interacting with the fans through her constantly updating feed. 

Social Media Presence

Gabriela Moura is very active on social networks, as she uses them to interact with her audiences and post her material. Currently, she has more than a million followers on Instagram under the username ‘gabimfmoura’, and over 9 on the TikTok application. 1 million followers. As for the growth of Gabriela’s accounts, she actively uploads new content, which ensures that her followers remain interested in her activity. 

Net Worth 

Thus, it can be estimated that Gabriela Moura has a net worth equal to or higher than $1 million. Her major source of revenue stream is brand endorsement, modeling, and her content created on social media platforms. Gabriela has made her passion for her business and she is earning from different streams thus proving to be very successful. 


This storyline of hers is so inspiring to be one of the leading TikTok stars and social media personalities today. Her passion for fashion as well as the beauty and talent she possesses made her accumulate millions of fans from all over the world. On this successful note, Gabriela maintains her followers’ interest by creating interesting content, proving that she remains relevant on the Social Media platform. Looking into the future, Gabriela Moura is one of those personalities who will rise to stardom in the next few years with continued efforts to build her fame and popularity.


1. Where was Gabriela born?

Gabriela was born on June 18, 2004, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2. What is Gabriela known for?

Gabriela Moura is known for being a TikTok star, model, and social media influencer, with a significant following for her lifestyle and dance videos.

3. What is Gabriela’s height and weight? 

Gabriela stands 5 feet 6 inches tall (170 cm) and weighs approximately 130 lbs (59 kg).

4. What is Gabriela’s Instagram handle? 

Gabriela’s Instagram handle is @gabimfmoura, where she has over a million followers.

5. What is Gabriela’s net worth?

Gabriela Moura’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, primarily from her social media career and brand collaborations.

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