Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of TheYellowTimes

One key goal of the YellowTimes and its companies is to keep your personal information safe. This privacy policy is to tell you how we collect, use, and share info from our website, apps, and online services. If you use any of our services, you realize that we collect, store, and may share your data as in our privacy policy.

Information Collection

We use identifiable information to, for example, track where you are. We track your IP address, browser, and how you navigate our services. We use this data to recognize our visitors’ preferences and to target our ads. During this, we use tracking technologies like cookies, local storage, and pixels.

Cookies/Tracking Technologies

Cookies and local storage are two very small files from your web browser to save data storage. They provide the site with a user’s ID history. This lets the site give a more personal experience. You can set a do-not-track option in your browser. It will cut cookies, but it will restrict your access to our services. Pixel tags are images from a graphics file. They track your site visits. Then, they help us show you more personalized ads based on that data.

Information You Choose To Submit

As soon as you sign in with us, we capture all the information about your name and email ID. We use this info to meet your demands. It also helps us improve our services and contact you about our products. Also, we can gather more data. This data includes your age and your preferences and interests.

Information From Other Sources

This would let us enrich the data we gather from public sources or third parties. We would use it to curate more relevant content and offers for you. This will include marketing and analytics data. It will also include purchases made through our services. It will include referrals from users. It will also include data from other parties through our services.

Information Use

We convert your data into services. These services let you do many things. You can transact, help customers, send notices, and personalize content and ads. You can also improve services to meet our users’ expectation. We may also use your information to give you things you’ll like. These things include information, products, or services.


TheYellowTimes commits to protecting your privacy and personal data. By using our services, you agree to the collection, use, and sharing of your information. We will use it as described in this policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us.