Brooke Monk: Rising Social Media Star and TikTok Sensation

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Brooke Monk is one of the most tagged American social media personalities. As a social media influencer, she is a YouTuber, TikTok Star, Instagram Star, and Entrepreneur. In all social networks, she has many subscribers, thanks to her humor, which people can relate to, as well as her stunning beauty. Am<|reserved_special_token_279|>, often captures the public’s attention due to her association with another social media personality named Sam Dezz. Here, one must mention that, after her initial appearance, she quickly gained popularity on social networks. 


As of the information gathered, Brooke Monk was born on January 31, 2003. Currently, she is 21 as of 2024. 

Height, Weight, and Physical Status 

Brooke is a jovial lady who understands the need to have a healthy body and a healthy mind by exercise. Her estimated height is 5 feet 4 inches (1. 65 meters) and weighs 124 pounds (56 kg). She has good body stats being fair and well endowed with the right proportions, that is 34-26-38. The features that make her highly attractive include her blistering brown eyes and her natural fair hair. 

Early Life and Family Background 

Brooke was born in the United States of America more specifically in Jacksonville, Florida into a Christian family. They live with five siblings; she was raised in that house. Her mother is Mrs Amy Monk while her father is unknown in the media. In family terms, she is the third born, although she has two elder brothers. Some of her relatives are her brother, Brett Monk, and sisters Bryanna, Blaize, Breanne, and Audra. Audra Monk is also another social media personality with decent dancing skills. 


Brooke was homeschooled from the beginning of year one which was September in the year 2017 to the end of year five which was May in the year 2022. As for her career and college choice, it was decided that putting college off for some time was a viable idea, she was understandably busy between her duties as a social media sensation and her schoolwork. She, therefore, decided to concentrate on her goals and career and go for other possibilities. 


  • Growing up, Brooke Monk had always dreamt of doing the arts, especially dancing and acting. She started creating content on TikTok in September 2019; her videos with life-like content received a lot of engagement. In less than five months she has won over 3 million plus followers on the site making her a darling of the site. So far, she has over 30 million followers on her primary TikTok account and more than 10 million followers on the second one. 
  • On Instagram, she shares great photos and attractive videos that prove her proper and luxurious life, traveling, and entertaining events. The lady in question has garnered a followership of over 3 Million on the Instagram platform. 
  •  Brooke also has a YouTube channel in which she posts makeup, skincare, makeup haul and try, Q&A, Reactions, vlogs, Prank, and many more. Currently, her channel has more than 2 million followers. Her most viewed video is called “Asking My Boyfriend Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Boys” and as of now, it has 3+ million views. 
  • Almost at the beginning of the year 2022, in March to be more specific, Brooke joined the WME talent agency to represent her in TV, podcasts, and films, among other projects. She became part of the Hype House in April 2022 though she left in June 2022 following a confrontation with another member of the house. 

Here are some of the popular brands Brooke has been featured with; Vivamacity Jewelry, Princess Polly, SHEIN lingerie, ColourPop Cosmetics, and Vogue. 

Personal Life 

The current dating partner of Brooke Monk is Sam Dezz who is also an actor on social media. They made their romance public on October the 21st of the year 2021 even though the relationship started on October the 14th of the year 2020. Both of them often appear in each other’s social media featuring them in romantic moments with their fans. 

Net Worth 

Brooke Monk’s estimated net worth is around 2 million US dollars. That is through advertising of her TikTok and Instagram accounts, YouTube channel through Ad-sense, and the sales of her clothing line which includes hoodies and facemasks. 

Social Media Profiles 

  • Instagram: 3M+ followers 
  • YouTube: 2M+ subscribers 
  • TikTok: 30M+ followers

Recent News and Controversy 

At the time being, Brooke has not been in any controversy that would bring a negative limelight upon her. Finally, she remains active in her profession while at the same time getting busier in other media ventures. 


To successfully narrate the moving story of Brooke simple transitioning from a homeschooler to the world of social media. The nature of her blog and her cheerful personality are well-liked by millions of her followers all over the globe. As Brooke keeps growing, her career prospects will be even better in the coming years once she has mastered all her available opportunities. 


1. What is Brooke age?  

Brooke age is 21 years old as of 2023; She was born on January 31, 2003. 

2. Is Brooke single?  

Currently, Brooke Monk is in a relationship with Sam Dezz who is also a fellow social media influencer. 

3. How wealthy is Brooke Monk?  

More precisely, Brooke’s net worth is estimated to be about USD 2 million as of now. 

4. What is the number of TikTok followers of Brooke?  

Before she opened the other accounts, Brooke had the primary TikTok account with more than 30 million followers. 

5. What type of videos does Brooke Monk make on YouTube?  

The main type of content featured by Brooke on YouTube consists of makeup videos, skincare, makeup hauls, question and answer sections, reaction videos, vlogs, and pranks.

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