Eddie Murphy Wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy: So Graceful and Vigorous

eddie murphy wife

Nicole Mitchell Murphy is a name that brings beauty and grace to mind. She has excelled in the world as a model, actress, and businesswoman. She made a huge mark in the entertainment and fashion industries. Her journey went from the runway to the silver screen and beyond. It shows that she is truly a versatile and tenacious woman. In this article we will explore Eddie Murphy’s Wife.

Eddie Murphy Wife Biography

Nicole Ronnette Mitchell, also known as Nicole Mitchell Murphy, began to make her mark in the spotlight as a young person. She showed natural talent and charisma and worked with agencies that represent high-end clients. She became a top model.

Physical Appearance

Nicole was quite tall at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters). She made a striking figure in modelling. Fans and photographers love her. She is their favourite because of her body and self-assurance.

Eddie Murphy’s Wife and Kids

Nicole was once married to the comedian Eddie Murphy. They have five children. Her family life has had public attention. At the same time, it’s a personal triumph. She balances motherhood with a career. Nicole filed for divorce from Eddie Murphy. She cited irreconcilable differences.Their journey together was full of love. It was also full of growth and separation.


Nicole and Eddie are the proud parents of five children:

  • Bria L. Murphy
  • Shayne Audra Murphy
  • Zola Ivy Murphy
  • Bella Zahra Murphy
  • Myles Murphy

Early Life

Nicole’s parents dedicated themselves to supporting her when she was young. They also gave her additional help in Sacramento. Nicole Ronnette Mitchell is professionally known as Nicole Mitchell Murphy. She was born on January 5, 1968, in Sacramento, California. People continue to be interested in the story of the life of this woman. It’s a blend of beauty, talent, and an unending spirit. Now, let’s look deeper into the early pages of that grand saga.

A Heritage of Many Colors

Nicole’s background was rich and varied. Her parents were Ellen and Eddie T. “Mitch” Mitchell. Ellen was British and Eddie was African American. He was a United States Air Force pilot. She enjoys various views. She has learned to develop a unique identity and did this while living and growing up in a multiracial family.


Completed high school: That school gave Nicole a high school education. There, she may have learned people skills. She may have learned creativity and determination. Though she never went to college. Her life experiences and talents made her go far.

Modeling Career and Beyond: Nicole started modeling at the age of thirteen when she emerged as the winner of an international modeling competition. She signed for the famous Ford Modeling Agency, and afterwards with the Paris based Glamour Models. U. As a highly sought after model, she walks the runways of all the fashion capitals of Europe for such designers as Chanel, Valentino, and Ungaro.

Professional Career

For Nicole, things really took off after a victorious international modeling contest and signing later with the Ford Modeling Agency. This was then pursued into the career of acting where in the year 2009 she featured in the films “Shut the Fuck Up” and in 2016 “Just Love’ besides producing some top content that reached many people.

Awards and Honors

Though Nicole does not have a long list of traditional awards, her accomplishments in the arena of modeling, acting, and business are nothing to sneeze at. A modest filmography, but one that testifies about the immense scope of that artist’s talent and of the great storyteller inside her.


eddie murphy

Nicole Mitchell Murphy has been into various relationships throughout her life. The woman is, of course, popular for being the wife of the well-known comedian Eddie Murphy, from 1993 to 2006. She has five children with him. After divorcing Eddie, Nicole was engaged to former NFL player and television personality Michael Strahan from 2009 to 2014. These days, Nicole is associated with many celebrities. Now, to the best of available recent information, she does not have any link with any personality and may be busy with her family and career. Most of the social media posts of Nicole show her working place or with her children.

Marital Life

Nicole Mitchell Murphy’s marriage to actor and comedian Eddie Murphy was one of the major aspects of her life. Here is the detail of their relationship:

They Met

  • It would not be until 1988 at the NAACP Image Awards Show that Nicole and Eddie would cross paths.
  • Love blossomed between them, soon they became a couple.
  • The couple lived together for nearly two years before tying the knot.

The Wedding

Their wedding took place on March 18, 1993, in the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in New York City. The wedding had been grand, with family, friends, and all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

Social Media

Nicole is very much into social media, always posting updates about what happens in her personal and work life.

  • Instagram: Nicole(@nikimurphy) is hugely active on Instagram, sharing all about her life, beauty, and wellness journey. You can follow her with the username @nikimurphy, where she has a remarkable 1 million fans.
  • Facebook: Another way is how she updates her Facebook account. You can find her on her official Facebook page, which has 33,567 followers.
  • Twitter: You can follow her at the handle @Nicole_Murphy, and she has 163.3kfollowers.

Net Worth

Nicole Mitchell Murphy is assumed to have a net worth of $12 million by 2023, showing she has done very well in modeling, acting, and business.


Nicole Mitchell Murphy’s story is an inspiring one. She could be said to be a businesswoman and mother of all times, epitome of style with grace from the time she was modeling. That influence in the fashion and entertainment industry raises, as well as the influence she’s had over the younger generation worldwide.

FAQ’s About Eddie Murphy Wife

1. Who the hell is Nicole Mitchell Murphy?
Nicole Mitchell Murphy is an American retired model, businesswoman, and fashion actress, who has appeared on television shows such as “Hollywood Exes”.

2. What is the background of Nicole Mitchell Murphy?
She was born on January 5, 1968, in Sacramento, California, USA, and started her modeling career when she was 13 years old and was even able to win an international modeling competition, which paved her way to the world of fashion in Europe’s metropolitan cities

3. Did Nicole Mitchell Murphy ever get married?
Right, she was married to comedian Eddie Murphy from 1993 until 2006, in which they had five children

4. How did business diversification happen on the part of Nicole Mitchell Murphy?
She has been able to launch her jewelry line, ‘FLP (Friendship, Love, and Peace) by Nicole Murphy’ besides modeling and engaged in some other businesses.

5. Does Nicole Mitchell Murphy have social media?
Yes, she has an Instagram account where she engages with her audience about her life and work.

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