Who is Gerard Pique’s new Girlfriend: Clara Chia Martí ? A Deep Dive into their Relationship

Clara Chia Martí

Football star Gerard Pique often makes headlines. This happens when he gets a new girlfriend, Clara Chia Martí. Their romance became famous and  It first started surfacing with the public. It was even mentione in Shakira’s songs. Only a few months had passed since Piqué dated Shakira for over 11 years. He announced his breakup with the singer. In a joint statement, the ex-couple are parents to two sons, Milan and Sasha. They announced their separation. Let’s get the details about Who is Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend- Clara Chia. We’ll cover her love life with Gerard Pique, her career, and more.

Clara Chia Martí: Biography

Martí was born on 7 february ,1999 in Barcelona, Spain. She is a spanish model and Clara is 24 years old model.She became famous after dating with Gerard Pique, a famous United and Barcelona football player.Her parents are Marga and Luis Marti.Her mom works in an office, and her dad is a lawyer who has his own law firm in Barcelona. Clara has a younger sister named Johana Chia.

Clara Chia Martí: The Beginning of Their Relationship

Clara Chia Martí relationship

Indeed, both parts of the equal tax coverage are set to start in August 2022. This is two months after Piqué and Shakira split, after their eleven years of marriage. “We all knew the papers, and pages, plus tabloids, were fake stories by experts. They had no data,” said the couple in a news piece. It focused on the need to emphasize kids’ privacy. Yet, they no longer knocked around before they romanized. They were seen on occasions and traveled to other places.

Clara Chia Martí: Public Appearances

But many extra or fewer family members were born. Gerard Pique and Chia Marti keep appearing in public. They even leave the house for music galas and weddings. They also visit countries like Spain, the Czech Republic, or France. Nulla, , common appearance to the public, a robust and consistent union.

Clara’s Private Persona

Gerard Piqué is used to having a steely gaze on a retire footie ace. But, Clara leads a far more recluse life on the internet. She has only 5 posts on an Instagram account and accepts fans . One’s personal life is strung away from the brunt of the digicam. This privacy adds “mysteriousness” to Martí’s persona. This is in contrast to Pique.

Clara Martí: References in Shakira’s Songs

Shakira is an ex-lady friend and a friend and a singer. She has not stopped from running to the media to express her outcry following the break-up. She is upset about the unexpected relationships that Piqué got into. Shakira runs into “TQG” with neediness and sadness. She spends the most time on legal wordplay with Chia Martí. She’s not date anyone for 10 years. These show the emotional complexity concerned around their breakup after which into relationships.

Martí: Official on Social Media

Clara is a bit introverted too. Three days after the track was index, Gerard Piqué said on social media that he was dating Shakira. The footballer published a cute photo of the two. It had no caption or much comment. He confirmed that they are indeed in a relationship. It bolstered the connection and showed a great deal of their dedication closer to each other.

Their Shared Interests and Activities

Beyond the public’s eyes, it appears Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti share the same hobbies. They love being together and playing a lot. It could be listening to music at a festival. Or, going to a marriage. Or, traveling to vibrant cities. These kinds of shared times must teach a lot about the vibes and compatibility.

Support from Friends and Family

A lot has been made about Piqué and Clara. This is because they’re a pair. But, their dating involves their friends and family as well. This was a motion that at least shows that Clara is part of Piqué’s social circle. Piqué’s brother Marc and his spouse Maria, went with the couple to Czechoslovakia. This is the most likely. It shows how close the 2 are and gives the connection a stable feel.

Clara Chia Martí: Media and Public Perception

Both Gerard Piqué and Clara have public lives. They are always beneath the spotlight. The courting of the two figures heightens scrutiny. It draws the eyes of curious enthusiasts and tabloids. Everyone has something to say or analyze about the two. Some see them . Others scrutinize them. This is due to a recent breakup tale with Shakira. 

Clara’s Influence on Gerard Piqué

Much light has been shed on Gerard Piqué’s work, not his life, says Chia Marti. After falling apart, Piqué changed. Some key facts show that in that area, Clara needs to be up to something big to see him move on fast.

Chia Martí: Future Prospects and Speculation

That said, Gerard Piqué and Clara Martí carry on with part of their dating in public. Fans will watch their story with interest and wish them well. Because The same place supports the sportsmen and the corresponding press. It will also be the setting for Gerard Pique and Clara’s connection. They will ask about expectations, plans, and comparisons of Gerard now and before. Yes, Pique and Clara achieved this aim. Their future looks bright.


In the end, the public eye saved the romance of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Martí. It got out at a speedy speed. They went from attending activities to being reference in Shakira’s songs. Their romance became very unusual. Clara is becoming a thriller woman. Piqué’s social media popularity is set to verify a Shakra dating. The history of the two couples is not yet over. But, it shows that things between Piqué and Shakra are set to move forward. It isn’t always news that they can move forward .


1. Q: How lengthy have Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Martí been in their relationship?

Ans-Gerard Piqué first linked with Clara Chia Martí in August 2022. This was after he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Shakira. Time with her can be a bit hazy. But, public sentiment tends to say it was stable.

2. Q: What is Clara Chia Martí’s historical past and profession?

Ans-Clara Martí is a very private person. Little is known of her past, much less her career. At times, she has been seen with Piqué. They were doing different activities or going on journeys. But, there are few records about her relation to him or her private life with him. 

3. Q: How has Shakira responded to Gerard Piqué’s new relationship?

Ans- Superstar singer Shakira is the ex-girlfriend of Piqué. She put references to his new love in songs like “TQG” and “BZRP Music Session # fifty three.” Though Shakira has started to comment on Piqué’s new love with Clara Chia Martí. Sources said her songs mix emotions from the end of their affair and Piqué’s new romance.

 4. Q: How do Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Martí navigate media interest and public scrutiny?

Ans-Certainly, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti are public people. Because They are familiar with the media and public interest in their private life.

5. Q: What are the future potentialities for Gerard Piqué and Clara Martí’s dating?

Ans-The destiny of this courting is hard to be jibbe. This is especially true when public life and reputation create such red tape. At least there is a solid floor in protecting Pique and Chia Marti.

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