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shura khan age

Arbaaz Khan’s Newly Wedded Wife, Shura Khan is a British makeup artist well-known for her glamorous job and versatile work profile. She has worked with major superstars like Raveena Tandon and Rasha Thadani and spent her early years in diverse parts of the world. 

Shaura khan age is 42 year and arbaaz khan age is 56 years . 25-year age gap between both. She came into the news when her linkups with Arbaaz Khan surfaced, and the news of the two got wedded on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023. So, in this article, we will know about Shura Khan age, net worth, controversy, and more!

Shura Khan Age And Physical Appearance

Shura Khan Age is 42years in the year 2024. She was born on  18 January 1990 , and known for her work in the Bollywood industry and recently gained more attention due to her marriage to actor and producer Arbaaz Khan.

Regarding physical appearance, She is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm) and weighs around 52 kilograms (115 lbs). She has light brown eyes and black hair. Her body measurements are reported to be 34-27-35​

Shura Khan’s Early Life

She was born to British parents who have roots in India. Shura was congenital in Mumbai to Zahid Khan and Mehjabeen Zahid Khan. Her mother is an Aromatherapist and a Cosmetologist. At the same time, there is no information about her father’s occupation. She has a younger brother named Zain Khan, with whom we also have less information due to confidentiality concerns. 


Shura was born and brought up in London. She did her primary education in London and later learned makeup from prominent makeup artists. She goes to New Jersey, Canada, and Dubai to gain more understanding of her skills. 

Shura’s Career

She spent the early days of her career in different parts of the world, with London, New Jersey, Canada, and Dubai, to hone her skills. The commercial details about Shura are not on the Internet. But, she likes to keep her life private. You can see this in her inactive social media profile. 

However, the little data she shares hints at her involvement in different ventures and that she takes a multi-faceted career. 

Marriage Life of Shura Khan

Marriage Life of Shura Khan

The duo met on the sets of Arbaaz Khan’s film Patna Shukla,’ and Arbaaz kept their relationship Private. However, this well-known British celebrity makeup artist became famous after getting married to the popular Bollywood personality Arbaaz Khan. Earlier married to Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan has always backed the media into the headlines. The wedding occurred as a near ceremony at the Mumbai residence of Arbaaz Khan’s sister, Arpita Khan Sharma.

Family and friends attended the wedding. Salman Khan, Shoaib Khan, Arpita Sharma, Aayush Sharma, and Raveena Tandon were there.

Arbaaz’s son Arhaan, who he co-parents with his first wife Malaika Arora, also stood present at the wedding ceremony and even completed a song for the newlywed couple. Singer Harshdeep Kaur also completed the wedding ceremony. The new love of Arbaaz Khan, Shura, has now taken centre stage in her life afterwards, getting married in a private ritual. 

Shura Khan’s First Marriage

Do you know that Shura has been married before and Arbaaz Khan is her second husband? Then with whom was Shura Khan’s first marriage? Very few people know that She’s first marriage was to an interior designer, from whom she also has a son. Salman Khan and his family also came to know about this after Shura and Arbaaz’s marriage.

Social Media

Shura’s Instagram ID is under the name ‘@sshurakhan‘. She has 13.1k followers. Her fanbase took a hike after the news of her marriage was raised online. As per the media reports, earlier, her profile stood public, but she made it private soon after the news of her linkup with Arbaaz Khan came.

Shura Khan’s Net Worth

She takes her Earning stats a little private from the media, But due to some sources and based on her Bollywood connections, She has an estimated net worth of 500 crore

Some Unknown Facts About Shura Khan Makeup Artist  

  • Shura, Arbaaz’s wife, is a celebrated celebrity makeup artist born on July 5, 1982.  
  • She became a famous makeup artist in Bollywood. She worked for different artists, including Raveena Tandon and her daughter.   
  • Arbaaz Khan is her second Husband and she already got married to an Interior Designer.


As the newsflash of the wedding of Arbaaz Khan and Shura came out, the couple became the hottest talk of the town. Shauna Khan’s and Arvaz’s first wedding was controversial because Maika and Arjun’s dating history is quite a thing! Her term was also associated with the Mumbai sex trafficking racket!  Where this incident happened, it remained her spa centre. Allegations was the spa owner, and both of them remained prostitutes! She was in the police station for six days!


As Arbaz Khan took the vows through Shura khan in a near-wedding ceremony, the paparazzi went crazy to capture the moments. The marriage bells rang on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023, amongst close relatives besides friends, including Salman Khan and Shoaib Khan.  


Q1.Why did Arbaaz marry Shura?

Ans- Arbaaz opened up near where he first met Shura and revealed how they fell in love with each other. In a chat with ETimes, Arbaaz shared that he met his wife in the circles of Patna Shuklla, which he produced.

Q2.What is Shura Khan’s Age?

Ans- As of 2024, she will be 42 years

Q3.What is Shura Khan’s Profession?

Ans- She is a celebrity make-up artist!

Q4.Where did Arbaaz meet Shura?

Ans- Arbaaz Khan opened up about his relationship with Shura before they married. In a select interview with IndiaToday, the actor revealed that while he saw Shura on the ‘Patna Shuklla’ set, they were hardly barred during the shoot.

Q5.What is the age gap between Arbaaz and Shura?

Ans- 25 years

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